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Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

Tony and his associates went to the airport to board the same flight that police academy Commandant Eric Lassard and his people were taking to a convention in Miami, Florida. Tony tripped on an errant golf ball that fell out of Lassard's bag, and the bag wound up on the ground next to Lassard's identical bag. Lassard picked up Tony's bag by mistake and boarded the flight.

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

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Amazingly, I liked this fifth movie. After the third and fourth, my expectations were as low as possible, the humor has lost its quality and certain characters (yes, I'm talking about that guy who screams all the time) were already irritating me, so much that I didn't even intend to watch this one. But to be honest, I had fun watching it, it wasn't too embarrassing and the jokes weren't all repeats of the previous ones (although some are problematic for today). The change in setting was also a positive point, I liked seeing the police enjoying the beach, it brought an air of novelty. I thought it was strange that they didn't remember Mahoney, who was the protagonist of all the other four movies, he's not even mentioned. But it also made no difference, they managed to keep the best characters. 041b061a72


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