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[S4E4] Party Favors

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[S4E4] Party Favors


Because Abby is apparently stuck fast in the whole pop-star dealie, Chloe will be dancing in the style of Miley Cyrus for her party. Good God, I hope not. This is still a family show by the skin of its teeth.

Lois realizes the cheerleaders put together a science project in which they experimented on a "love molecule" whose effects are enhanced combined with meteor rock. She also notices Mandy always carries a folder with the specifics of the molecule, including the antidote, in her bag. She makes a plan to infiltrate a pool party and brings Clark along. She sends Clark to distract Mandy. Clark pretends to be devoted and Mandy drags him to the weight room. Mandy pins Clark and begins to make out with Clark while Lois tries to get her bag. Eventually, the two manage to get the bag away.

While Nancy was shy and continually winning the favors of the nation despite falling on her ass and getting up over and over again, Tonya seethed and saw no other way to stop her other than a cheap shot, cutting her down with the hope she couldn't rise to win in the end.

But Cameron infiltrated Rover, securing them level A financing and their celebration party was full of whispers, half truths, and outright lies. Donna looked like she was going to throw up. The two companies, one supposedly on the fast track to success, in no way mirrored one another.

1:1 Acceptance of this contract dictates the unconditional agreement to this offer. This being "created contact". Here-in being written by his Royal Highness before acceptance any offer can be withdrawn, but once accepted this contract is bind [sic] on both sides. Any conditions that may have been effected as per a counteroffer must be accepted by both parties. 2:1 Representing the undersigned agent is hereby appointed by his Royal Highness to act on behalf of no other person than the undersigned (known as the principal). The amount of authority to deal that the agent has is subject to agreement between the principal and the stated agent. However, otherwise, third parties can assume the [sic] Mr. Gold has full powers to negotiate this contract. 3:1 Collective agreement shall state all terms used for agreements made between the undersigned. This covers more than this one organisation. Although these can be seen as breach of future contracts, this contract is governed by the territorial law of rights, not contract law. 4:1 Comfort letters will not be issued. Documents issued to back up this agreement do not have any contractual standing. This is to be issued by a parent or associate company stating that the group will back up the petition of the small company to improve its trading position. This contract does state they are not intended to be legally binding [two illegible words] regarding lettersof comfort. 5:1 Confidentiality within this binding [illegible word] is to protect confidential information if it has to be dictated to another party. If this is to occur during negotiations for this contract, the parties may need to divulge information about their operatives to eachother. In this situation, the confidentiality agreement forms a binding contract not to pass on that information whether or not the actual contract is ever signed. 6:1 Certain Considerations [sic] within this contract pertains to each side which must give some consideration to the other. Referred to as the quid pro quo. This is the price paid. Which is not to exercise a right to access over somebody else's land in return for a payment would be a valid contract, even if there was no intention of ever [illegible word] right [illegible word]. 7:1 Exclusion clause - Do note that within this contract that are [sic] intended to exclude one party from [illegible word] if stated circumstance were to occur. They are types of exemption clauses. This shall be traded through interpretation of them strictly and, where possible, in favour of the party that did not write said contract. Exemption clause may [illegible word] in the governing body by regulations that tender them ineffective but note that these regulations do not cover retractions.

In the chapter book Daring Do and the Eternal Flower, Outlaw (implied to be Biff but unidentified), Rogue, and Withers appear again as Dr. Caballeron's henchponies. They ambush Daring Do at a dinner party hosted by the Equestrian Botanical Society, but she eventually overcomes them. Later, she meets Caballeron's fourth henchpony: a freelance adventurer Pegasus named Rosy Thorn.

Citadelle, comedian Ali Wong's college classmate, is a working parent who extends her home and heart to everybody. Ali is repaying a favor by remodeling Citadelle's drab basement into her home's party hub with the assistance of Jonathan and Drew. The comedian collaborated with Property Brothers' Jonathan and Drew Scott to help Citadelle, her closest mate of 20 years, rebuild her backyard and basement.

After the Night's Watch group led by Jon arrive at Craster's Keep, Locke is ordered to scout ahead. While scouting, Locke encounters the hut in which Bran, Jojen and Meera Reed, and Hodor are held prisoner. Locke returns to Jon and the others to give his report on the mutineers, but lies about the hut with the prisoners, cleverly lying that it is a kennel and that they should stay far from it so the hounds don't alert the traitors. The raid takes place that night. Locke slays a few mutineers but then goes to Bran and the others and introduces himself as a member of the Night's Watch's rescue party, but soon exposes himself as a threat when he slices Bran's leg. When Bran calls out to Jon, Locke covers his mouth and threatens to gut the others if he does that again.[9]

The two of them arrive at the dormitory at dusk, AJ discussing how James was unlike anyone else he had known and that he liked him. They discover Ruby collecting pillows and blankets from the rooms. Clementine states that James had agreed to help them, Ruby ironically commenting that they really were going to sneak through a herd of walkers onto a boat. She then says that she was collecting a few things from around the school for a party, wanting to have some fun before embarking on a dangerous mission. Ruby asks Clementine if she could bring her coffee heater to the party so that she could make tea and tells AJ that he could make some decorations for the party when he expresses his excitement.

AJ sits at his desk and begins to draw a colorful sketch for the party, Clementine going to grab her heater. Once she takes it off of her nightstand, AJ beckons for her to inspect his handiwork. Although she lightly compliments his drawing, he glowers and becomes silent for a moment. Standing up, he recounts how he had watched Abel die earlier in the day and how he had been haunted in witnessing it up close. Clementine can try to harden him against his regrets or reassure him that his feelings were perfectly normal, but he then tells her that he is increasingly plagued by thoughts of her turning into a walker as he gets older.

AJ abruptly bursts through the door and throws a beach ball at Clementine, excitedly explain that he had found it while on patrol. If AJ had shouted at Clementine before leaving, he apologizes to her and says that he wanted to play with the ball. Louis/Violet leaves them alone, (Determinant) going back to the administrative building. Clementine and AJ enjoy a few minutes together before embracing. AJ apologizes to Clementine again, (Determinant) each of them saying that they loved each other. AJ grabs his drawing and the two leave for Ruby's party in the music room.

In the music room of the administrative building, the children gather for their party. Ruby greets Clementine and AJ upon their arrival, takes the coffee heater from Clementine, and asks them to decide upon what they should do to set the mood for their party. Clementine can help determine what lighting decorations are used, what music is played on the gramophone, and what the message for their banner says. Ruby then directs Clementine into the office on the upper floor to talk to Willy, who had been planning to make sure that the raiders would not be able to come after them again. He informs her of his plan to make another bomb and plant it in the boiler of their ship, a move that would cause it to sink into the water.

This skirt might look okay on someone with a very narrow lower body, but it does zero favors for women with hips. Those buttons draw attention to the widest part of Rory's frame and by tucking in that gross little pink camisole and pairing it with a shrunken cardigan, she's made her upper body appear even smaller. Worst of all, she pairs the entire look with a boxy pink purse that is barely large enough to hold a tampon. The whole look is like a weird cross between "Anything Goes" and "The Nutcracker." I'd rather go blind than look at it for another second. 041b061a72


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