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Pokemon Battle Revolution All Pokemon Save File

I also realized I gave you the wrong original file (I was messing with Twitch Plays Pokemon save to see if that would work.) Testing the decryptor on my original save then trying to import gives the same error, however. I'll attach the program I have been using and the original file + decrypt of it, sorry for the mixup.

pokemon battle revolution all pokemon save file

EDIT: I realized that I was working with the wrong file/ Dolphin dumped the wrong thing when it was dumping my save. Sorry about the confusion and sorry for wasting your time with this, haha! Thank you for the help. I got Pkhex to work with the save file.

Okay, then you'll be back at the pass selection screen. If you select the twin arrows below the pass, you flip the pass over and can read the stats that are attached to your save file. These stats hold no matter how many passes you make, so long as you never delete your Battle Revolution save file.

Poké Coupons can also be used to purchase items which can be sent to the Generation IV DS games via Mystery Gift. Some items are not available until certain conditions have been met. These items can be sent every time you purchase them, but the same save file can only receive each of them once.

Occasionally, when the save file gets corrupted, the Pokémon data is kept. When this happens, the game can still be saved, but the save file will be unable to be loaded. With the assistance of another handheld and another game, the Pokémon can be traded from the game with the corrupted save file. After the trade is completed, if the game is rebooted, the Pokémon traded from the corrupted save file will be in both games but the other traded Pokémon will be lost.

If a player is trading Pokémon and one of the handhelds is turned off at a certain time, the Pokémon that was traded to the game that was not turned off will appear in both player's parties. However, this glitch is very difficult to perform and quite commonly corrupts the save file.

During the times where an NPC accompanies the player for parts of the game, the player will encounter wild Pokémon only through double battles. During this time, it is possible to encounter Shiny Pokémon. However, possibly due to an oversight in the programming, should the player manage to encounter two shiny Pokémon at once; the game will show the shiny status for the left Pokémon and the game will softlock which will require the player to restart from their last save point.

So, when you're done enjoying the great visuals, it's time to start actually playing the game. When you set up your account, you can dive right into the first tournament. There you choose a Battle Pass that has a set of rental Pokemon associated with it. If you are successful at that tournament, you get to keep that rental Battle Pass for future use. Throughout the game you can compete in the initial tournament multiple times in order to earn more and more rental Battle Passes. If you don't own the DS games, this is your primary way of obtaining new Pokemon for you to battle with. For some reason, these passes are entire teams, not individual Pokemon, so don't expect to create your own customizable teams if you don't have the DS games. If you do have one of the DS games, you can copy over every Pokemon and then create your own Battle Pass with your own trainer associated with it. This is where the fundamental value (if you can call it that) of the game comes into play. You can save several different teams and associate a different trainer with each one.

I can't let "nintendo world report" get away with this! All you people send letters to "nintendo world report" to force the critics to change the review of "pokemon battle revolution" a little bit and change the "5.0" rating to a "6.0" or "6.4" rating! please make things for nintendo history more fair!

I wanted the opposite. Nintendo has already had a 2 game grace period with this type of stuff. If they just want to release Stadium 2 with updated graphics and the new pokemon I be happy. Sure I might miss online a little. 350c69d7ab


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