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Frigodep Kotza

Frigodep Kotza: A Software for Learning Refrigeration Troubleshooting Techniques

If you are interested in learning how to diagnose and repair refrigeration systems, you may want to check out Frigodep Kotza, a software developed by KOTZA International. Frigodep Kotza is a software that allows you to learn the techniques of troubleshooting on more complex installations. It is recommended to master Frigobase before using Frigodep. Frigobase is another software by KOTZA that covers the basics of refrigeration theory and practice, such as thermodynamics, cycles, components, electrical circuits and regulations.


Frigodep Kotza is a learning method that targets anyone who wants to acquire the mastery of refrigeration troubleshooting techniques. The different steps of the software allow you to assemble, commission and solve more than 430 troubleshooting situations, on different types of installations and with different refrigerants. You can also create your own scenarios and test your skills.

Features of Frigodep Kotza

  • It simulates realistic refrigeration systems with various components, such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, expansion valves, thermostats, pressure switches, etc.

  • It allows you to measure and modify various parameters, such as pressures, temperatures, flows, voltages, currents, etc.

  • It provides graphical representations of the refrigeration cycle on the pressure-enthalpy diagram and the temperature-entropy diagram.

  • It offers a help system that guides you through the troubleshooting process and gives you hints and explanations.

  • It supports multiple languages, such as French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian.

Benefits of Frigodep Kotza

  • It helps you to develop your analytical and problem-solving skills in refrigeration.

  • It enhances your understanding of the physical phenomena and the functioning of the refrigeration components.

  • It prepares you for real-life situations and challenges in refrigeration maintenance and repair.

  • It saves you time and money by allowing you to practice on a virtual platform without the need for expensive equipment and materials.

How to Get Frigodep Kotza

If you want to get Frigodep Kotza, you can visit the official website of KOTZA International [here]. You can also contact them by phone or email for more information. You can also find some reviews and tutorials about Frigodep Kotza on other websites [here] and [here].

Frigodep Kotza is a software that can help you learn refrigeration troubleshooting techniques in an interactive and effective way. It is suitable for students, teachers and professionals who want to improve their knowledge and skills in refrigeration. Try it out today and see for yourself how it can benefit you.


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